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16/18 Parramatta Rd
Underwood, QLD, 4119
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About Us

Experienced and Friendly


Pied Piper is a vibrant, family owned and operated company that manufactures frozen unbaked pastries and speciality products. Opening in 2000 and commencing production in 2001, the business is owned and managed by the managing director Mary Davies, and her daughter and executive director Robyn Myler.

Operating since 2001, the company has earned an impressive reputation for its high quality, innovative product range, and enjoys consistent growth and a strong market reputation.

Discover our pastry product range


With pastry, it all comes down to fat and flour, and Pied Piper’s difference lies with its consistent use of high-quality butter and ingredients. The company prides itself on its filled product recipes which are developed in-house, and tested, in conjunction with distributors, for taste and consumer acceptance prior to being released to the market.

Pied Piper operates from a modern, automated, HACCP-accredited manufacturing premises based in Brisbane. It is geared towards supporting production on a 24/7 basis, ensuring there is a continuity of supply.   Conveniently located adjacent to all major highways, and close to air and sea terminals, Pied Piper is strategically placed to offer easy access to any inter-state, intra-state or overseas logistical requirement.


Pied Piper’s principal customers are distributors (usually not end-user businesses) and we welcome new distributors to try our products.

To trade with Pied Piper, a distributor needs to meet the following criteria:

  • Vehicles need to provide cold chain transport at -20 degrees Celsius
  • Be HACCP certified (or in the process of certification)
  • Be able to promote and develop the Pied Piper brand
  • Be able to meet Pied Piper’s credit requirements
  • Be able to hold/store product at -20 degrees Celcius

In the case of a new distributor, we are happy to visit the distributor’s premises to demonstrate the product range and offer information and assistance to sales personnel.

Pied Piper offers technical and customer service support via its customer service telephone information.  In some instances, a member of our production team will visit an end-user business (in cooperation with the distributor) to resolve a problem.  Please contact us if you would like to distribute Pied Piper products.

Direct sales

As a general rule, Pied Piper does not deal directly with end-user stores (e.g. local bakery etc). However, we are open to the manufacture and supply of product under a third party label.  Separate freight arrangements need to apply.  Please contact us to discuss your requirements further.